Sunday, October 09, 2005

Looking Forward

Well, it's been a long weekend off. I am begining to feel better with my back. I am glad about that! I plan on doing some tougher riding at the end of this coming week while I'm doing Trans Iowa recon. Work schedules have been jumbled a bit due to Mr. 24's abscence. (Haven't heard anything yet, but as of this post, his race should be drawing to a close soon!) Tomorrow is probably the best attended "Mondays With Mark" session that I do. Modern Drivetrain Maintenance, or something along those lines. The title gets changed every year! Fortunately, I don't have to do any paper writing, or extra prep, since I've got everything I need in the can already! Carlos is posting all my written material on the Europa website, so check it out!

I was looking for a device to precisely track the amount of miles for the Trans Iowa course. I'm thinking some sort of GPS unit should do, but which one? Any body got any ideas out there? I'm going to need something that isn't stuck to sitting in a car. Some of the recon will demand that I ride a bicycle. So portability is a concern. I've looked at some Garmin units, but I'm open to suggestions. Any tips would be appreciated! (Oh! I don't need it right away! Jeff and I will re-drive the course at a later date!)

Update on the Super Caliber Prototype: Word is that members of the Fisher/ Subaru Mountain Bike Team will be putting the new bike through it's paces in Colorado somewhere next week. (It'll have to be at a lower elevation, because I think they've got snow up top recently) So, if you reside in Colorado, keep your eyes peeled for it! Maybe you can beg a ride!

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