Wednesday, October 26, 2005

T.I.-V2, Clones, and Madness!

Well, just as Mr.24 pointed out yesterday, the Trans Iowa-V.2 is getting cranked up again. We are starting to see things coming together again in the most amazing ways! I think that this is all just due to the fact that Jeff and I hit upon something at the right place and the right time. Other people seem to be just as in tune to this idea- or more so- as we are. It's really fun and exciting to be a part of. Thanks to all you people out there that are putting your energies behind this!

We can't really say alot about the goings on, the sponsors, or the race fee yet. It's just too early, and alot has to be firmed up yet, but it's happening! Stay tuned!! As far as the course goes, well....... Trans Iowa V.2 is alot like poker. In poker, you have to pay to see the winning hand. You wanna see the course, or know about it? You have to "pay". In otherwords, you've got to be part of the event, run the course on your bike, to know. Kapiche? No talk of the course details will be released beforehand. That's the way it is!

Clones? Yes, clones!! There will be a new race based upon Trans Iowa in 2006!! This is not being put on by anyone in connection with Trans Iowa, so don't ask us!! I cannot say where, or what distance, or anything else right now, in deference to the actual promoters of the event. Look for info to be released very soon! It will be a grueling, tough, beautiful, and long event in a very unique area west of the Missouri river. Stay tuned! When it's okay for info to be released, you'll see it here, on Jeff's site, and on Trans Iowa V.2 site.

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