Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Another Reason I Don't Like 10 Speed!

Shattered carbon fiber seat stay. Courtesy of Shimano 10 speed chain.
Guitar Ted Productions

Ever get the feeling that you really don't like something, but you just can't say why? You keep getting bad vibes, while everyone around you says your just being paranoid. You know, people just think your a little too passionate about your misgivings, okay? Well, here is my validation for thinking that Shimano's 10 speed systems are evil beyond compare.

The shop I work at sold this fine carbon fiber framed rig with Ultegra 10 speed hardware. The chain was installed according to Shimano's own instructions. Right to the letter! Then, after a few fitting sessions, this bike has been ridden everday for at least three weeks, if not four. Finally, the chain side plate pulled out of the installation pin and whack! Broken derailluer, chain, frame, and tweaked rear wheel! All because of the way the 10 speed system works, er.....doesn't work! It is just a matter of time before more of this stuff starts happening. Chains are too thin. Cross chaining the drivetrain is just not understood by the common person, and parts are astronomically priced. And this is supposed to be better? Okay, I'm missing something here.

I remember when everything was eight speed. People weren't clamoring for more gears. Parts life span was reasonable, as were the replacement parts. You could cross chain till the cows came home and nobody got hurt. Derailluers got ripped apart only if you were unlucky enough to flip a stick up into your spokes, or you had a run in with the local squirrel patrol. Now, sadly, those times have slipped away for this....THIS MADNESS! This 10 speed crapola that will be worn out before you can get into quadruple digits on your cyclo-computer. This narrow chain that breaks if you look at it sideways and rips derailluers of in the blink of an eye. Junk I say, pure junk!

Well, the good news, if you can call it that, is that everything is going to get covered under warranty. Wonder how many times this has to happen before the in box to a certain Japanese company starts getting jammed up?

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Jeff Kerkove said...

Damn it! Damn it! Son of a bitch! Damn it! Damn it! Waaaaaaaaaa!