Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bits and Pieces

1. Today Jeff was walking dead! He looked like he was stoned! He blamed it on his sleep paterns being screwed up from 24hrs. of 9 mile. I think he's been sniffin' glue!

2. You just gotta click on the Matt Chester link in my sidebar! This guy has a very unique point of veiw, as well as being pretty humorous. Well, I'm not sure he means to be funny, but he is. Wack at it's best!

3. The new Karate Monkee set up: Okay, okay! I promised pics, and I'll get 'em up, but I want to share what I've got going on. I took off the Titec 118 Ti bar, Avid 2.0 Single Digit levers, Control Tech stem in electric cord orange, and the wonderful Ergon Grips. I put on a generic high rise stem and the marvelous On One Midge handle bar with Bontrager gel tape, and old Shimano SLR aero levers. Yes, it's a drop bar, but not just any ol' drop bar! You'll just have to wait for the pics!

4. More shop repairs now than almost any other time this year. Weird! I thought cycling season ended after ragbrai. Hmm............

5. Krazy schtuff! More wacked people with wacked machinery coming in. It's nuts, but hey! It's business. Just need a little relief to catch up to something like normalcy again. Pint Bros. Update for dirtram: They're still alive and living in W'loo these days. A shout out to ya from them!

6. Recent questions and comments were very welcome. Thanks, and don't be afraid to sound off.

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