Saturday, August 06, 2005


Here's a good side view of the Karate Monkee in it's new form.
Guitar Ted Productions

Going out for a shakedown of the new bar, stem, and brake set-up on the Karate Monkee today. There should be an initial impression/ ride report to follow. I finally got the brakes working the way I would like. That makes me a lot more confident in an off road situation! I think they are just about as good, if not equal to what I had with the flat bar set-up, which was awesome.

Give your thoughts and prayers to Mr 24, who is stuck today with a nearly hopeless situation. It's called Work. Well, there is a little more to it than that, but I'll let it go at that for now! Hopefully, it'll be so busy that the day will fly by, and he won't have time to think about it.

Oh! and I have some new Hammer Gel product to try out, too. Thanks Buddy! (You know who you are!) Note to Eduardo: Yes, I will be toting several bottles in my back pack again today! And, give up the "stick and ball" sports! Puh-leeze! Tri-geeks don't do b-ball!

Summer is on the downslide! It's a beautiful day! Fah-gedda-bout da lawn! Maybe I'll pick up some grazing varmints on my ride and turn 'em loose on the vegetation out back! Have a great ride!


loonyOne said...

Paul Love levers...Dansjustchillin wants to trade me his silver/black levers for the red ones. Didn't think of previous owner, but now that you bring it up, whatcha got to trade? Really tho', the red is just kind of wearing on me. Not like the purple did, but ya know what I mean. Let me know.


Guitar Ted said...

Hey Loonan! Thanks for checking in! Look, I really don't have any levers that would be too "drool-worthy" that aren't red! My ol' Avid SD-2's have red ano blades! I do have an unworn Bontrager hat, blue with the "B-dot", that I got when I bought "Bonny" brand new at Bike Tech. I could offer that along with some cash. Let me know!