Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Back In The Deep Freeze!

Umm..............warming trend? Yeeeeaaaah! It's nine below zero Fahrenheit this morning! Grr.....!

Anyway........I got some project "96"er work done last night along with some parts scavenging for the Inbred project. I am dismantling my '96 Diamond Back V-link Pro. That was a pretty nice ride back in the day, but since it has the "little" wheels, I know that I will no longer ride it. There is no sense in keeping it around as a museum piece, either. So.....I'm scavenging all the usable stuff for my other projects. I probably will try to sell the frame for whatever I can get for it when I'm done stripping it down. There are a couple of Diamond Back V-link nuts on the forums after all, Hmmmm.................

So, the Inbred is getting the blue annodized Race Face Turbine LP crankset in 180mm length, with the red annodized chainring bolts, and red annodized dust cap covers. That will spin a Salsa 34 tooth chain ring. All this is going to be mounted on a UN-52 cartridge bottom bracket- square taper spindle. Old skool and bombproof. Carlos was so kind to give me a 110 mm. Bontrager stem, but the Diamond Back has a Dean zero degree rise 135mm stem that has the old Dean logo in different colors. Options. Good to have them. It'll all get sorted once the bike starts coming together. Saddle and seat post provided by the Diamond Back, as well. WTB SST-Ti railed saddle. Original late '96 issue. Avenir seat post. Yeah, not a top name in seatposts, but this one is 27.2 mm, weighs 200 grams, and has nice setback. Strong too. What more could I ask? Well, it could be purple annodized instead of silver! Oh well! Still working on a seat binder in something other than black or silver. The BMX stuff isn't quite the right size. Bummer! I have a binder in black that might do, or Salsa has one in the exact size I need. Hmm... we'll wait that out awhile longer. Fork research is still being done, no conclusions yet. The Switchblade is the frontrunner based mostly on the fact that it's sooo cool and I get a shop discount on it. Okay! I'll fess up! It's mostly the price!

Don't forget to keep track of the Trans Iowa V.2 discussion on! It's pretty entertaining, really!

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