Thursday, December 15, 2005

On-One Inbred 29"er Lands At Guitar Ted Labratory

Guitar Ted Labratories has just taken delivery of a brand spankin' new On-One Inbred 29"er frame in the 18" flavor. It features steel gusseted tubes, sliding dropouts for gearie or single speed use, and the coolest show model around! (Thanks, ghost of Monkeytron?.......ah, hmm.........I don't know! Clone of Monkeytron? I'm soooo confused!)

Enough about the monkey! The frame is probably destined for single speed use, although, that is still up for debate. I need a fork yet, so I'm thinking rigid, but a Reba is still up for consideration. I've got pink goodness for the head set, and the plan is for Bontrager controls and seat post. Anyway, it's not going to get built up in a hurry, so I will update the build process as it comes along, here on this blog. More "Inbred Madness" to come! Stay tuned!

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