Tuesday, December 13, 2005

It's Late, It's Late, It's Late- But Not Too Late!

Trek University trip was today. I had visions of boredom, to be honest, but I was pleasantly surprised! It was a long day, what with driving, sitting, listening, sitting, driving, and yes.....MORE SITTING!! Then church band practice, back home to fly through my typical webspots, and now posting up for today! Whew! Here's the highlights!

1. Four guys, all cyclists, cooped up in a minivan for 4-5 hours. Add copious amounts of coffee and hot chocolate!(Carlos!), and you can imagine the twisted, bizzarre, and outlandish comments and behaviour. Well..............no, you had to be there! There is NO WAY to describe that madness!

2. Trek University is actually full of good info and ideas on how to sell products, what is going on in the manufacturing processes, and for giving you a sense of where Trek is going with all of that. I was impressed!

3. Ryan Atkinson: What can I say? Another true 29"er nutcase, like myself! Fisher brand manager. Great guy, and posts as "FisherGuy" on mtbr.com, for those of you into that. It was great to put a face to a name. Ryan, if you happen to read this, thanks for the socks! I enjoyed meeting you!

4. Schwag! Yep! Trek takes care of you there. Lot's o goodies tossed out today. Thanks, buddies!

5. Mr.24, Carlos "Buchanondale", and even Leans on Wood.....thanks for a fun trip! It's great to go somewhere with people that are fun! That's what makes or breaks a trip for me. Again...Thanks, buddies!

Bad stuff? How about Dead Moyne traffic gridlock! Wow! You think it's bad here in W'loo/ C.F.? NOT! Try on the Dead Moyne for size at about 8 bells in the am. Yeeeeeaaaah. Talkin six lanes of sub 30 mph. traffic! I coulda rode my bike faster to work, if I lived in that city!

More bad stuff.....We had to bail out early due to the "impending weather", which still hasn't come yet. Dang! I wish we could have stayed for the whole gig!

Even more bad stuff......Even though I had a great time, I still missed out spending time with my family, and my wife was pretty stressed when I got home trying to handle two rambunctious kids by herself. Not good!

Okay, that's a wrap for tonight, except to say that I have a little surprise in store for you all. Stay tuned! It's gonna be suh-weeeeet!

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