Saturday, December 10, 2005

Feeling It

Had a good day yesterday. I went for a short but fun XC ski loop, then I walked five miles into work, and afterwards I topped it all off by riding my bike home on the snow covered streets. With all that activity after a weeks worth of rest, I'm feeling the sore muscles today. But it's a good pain! I don't really mind it a bit.

Today was our super early morning sale at the shop I work at. What? You didn't know? Well, it's too late now! We won't be repeating that for awhile now! It was busy yesterday and Carlos, Leans On Wood, and I were all busy selling and mounting up XC ski packages. We even sold a couple of bicycles. Imagine that! Selling bikes at a bike shop!

Anywho.....I'll bet that we were super busy today, just judging from the number of phone calls we got yesterday about XC skis and the sale. I have to watch my children today since my wife is at work. After that, I'll try to get another XC ski run in. I just don't know how long this snow is going to last!

Oh yeah! I'll get to that "Bouncing Bits" follow-up too! Late!

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