Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A New Trend? Part II

I noticed that on the endurance forum, hosted by, that the race dates for the 24hrs of Adrenaline shall I say this?.......a bit late in coming? Hmm....... As you might remember, this organization has experienced quite a bit of turmoil throughout the last season, what with the Conyers, GA debacle and the banning of Mr. 24. Well, I and many others have predicted that the organization would be suffering some grave consequences due to their quetionable customer relations skills. So, I have been watching that thread with interest.

In one of the posts, it was mentioned that folks should forget about "riding around in circles" and sign up for events like Trans Rockies, which is a point to point, multi-day event. In my earlier "A New Trend?" post, I asked whether or not these types of point to point, mega-mile, endurance type events were getting some momentum behind them. The sentiments expressed on the Endurance Forum would seem to bear this out.

On the other hand, I do not think it can be called a trend until the folks that make up the multi-person 24hr teams, the folks that revel more than race, become enamoured of such events as Trans Rockies. Then again, that won't happen until the event organizers re-invent their events to include people such as this.

Perhaps they shouldn't. Maybe that is part of the appeal for the cutting edge endurance rider. These ultra-endurance events tend to separate the men from the boys, and perhaps that is what makes the events such as Trans Rockies, or Trans Iowa for that matter, stand apart. It makes finishing an event such as that special. Not just anyone can do it. It would seem that just about anyone can do a 24hr. race in some form or another, and claim some sort of badge of honor for it, does it not?

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