Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Warming Trend

I just checked the temperature. Ten degrees above zero! That's a big change from yesterday and it's warmer now than it was when I rode home yesterday in the afternoon. I guess it's a trend for the next few days going warmer until Christmas when it's supposed to rain! Bah! There goes the XC skiing! Well, you never know with the weather, though. The reports are wrong more often than not.

Quite the lively discussion on the mtbr.com Trans Iowa forum thread. Check out yesterdays post for the linky, if you care. Last year, I don't think people knew what to ask. This year, there are alot more questions. That's cool!

Inbred Update: I looked and looked for a seat binder that was something, anything other than black or silver ano. I had to check out BMX stuff to find what I was looking for. Now, I have to check my seat tube diameter carefully to make sure I pick the right sized part. More later! Oh, yeah! The fork, you know.....the Bontrager Switch Blade fork? Yeah.....not available until the end of January! Well......I guess that's okay, because the rims I want won't be available until the end of February! There should be some parts installation coming up, so I'll post the first pictures of that soon.

Time for work, gotta run!

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