Saturday, December 17, 2005

Well, Now That It's Over With........

Trans Iowa V.2 registration is over and done with. No harm- No foul. The early "Rogue Seven" ( or however many of 'em there were!) didn't seem to affect the outcome any, so that was a relief! Those that seemed to really want in, got in. Time will tell, or I should say, the e-mails will, if they come! Three hours and change to fill up, where last year it took about 36 hours. Impressive!

Now the registered riders can focus on training and Jeff and I can get back to the "behind the scenes" details. Later on, there will be meetings, course work, more course recon, cue sheet prep, odds and ends! The winter will go by fast! At least, it'll seem so.

My impressions of the race roster in no particular order.

1. Seems like alot of the racers are new to the event. High turnover from last year. Interesting!

2. More singlespeeders/ fixie riders. (I thought Paddy H. was going fixie? Don't let me down, bro!) Anyway, this is the category that rawks! Any of these people finish, and I'll be soooo humbled and amazed! Cool! I can't wait!

3. Women's category. I'm the most hopeful for this category. Next to the single/fixie crowd, these people are the ones I most want to root for. C'mon gals! Show the guys how it's done!

4. Last years finishers: Not many finished last year, and only about four guys from that elite group return. Who amongst them will be able to say that they finished both Trans Iowa events? I'm betting this group gets smaller!

5. Seventy seems about right! I think that unless I hear an uproar about folks not getting in, seventy will be the absolute limit.....if we ever run this monster again!

Well, what do you all think?............

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