Monday, December 26, 2005

New 29"er With Retro Tendencies

New 29"er with retro tendencies looking for MTBer with same tendencies. Must love finely crafted steel frame. Slim, sexy mono-seatstay configuration will allow you to ride me with the fattest rubber available. I come dressed in a durable green powdercoat, but for a nominal fee, I'll wear anything tantalizing that you may have seen me wear in the past. I have big wheels, but don't let that scare you, I'm easy to ride, and I won't dissatisfy! Are you ready? Just stare into my cast sterling silver headbadge and I'll take you away! Click here for more!

Editors note: This add link also describes the announcement of a 26" wheeled bike, but don't bother with that! You'll never regret going with the 29" wheel, and since you will have disc brake mounts, inch and an eighth head tube, and suspension corrected geometry, why ruin the modern upgraded ride by going with the "retro" 26" wheels? Well, maybe you are a die-hard retro-grouch! I could see that.

Rumor has it that these will be torched up by the Sycip Brothers and be custom painted, for an upcharge, by the original Mountain Goat painter! Cool! Isn't it odd........all these old mtb companies coming back into business with 29 inch wheeled frames? Is there a void that is being filled here? Big companies.........are you seeing this? Weird!

Well.......maybe not as weird as this post!

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