Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Out Riding, Or In?

It seems as though everybody that was so excited to get into Trans Iowa has disappeared under rocks or something. Discussion board is dead. I suppose everyone is (a) either on holiday, or (b) training like a fool , or (c) doing both "a" and "b" to stay away from all the "crap food", as Mr. 24 likes to call it. So, I pose this question: Do you ride inside or outside this time of year? Maybe you don't ride at all right now, but lift weights, cross train, or wrestle pigs?

My inclination is to ride outside, whenever possible. Thank God I found XC skiing, too! I can always do that when the riding conditions are no good! I just do not relish the thought of shoving metal plates up and down, or doing the "hamster wheel" on an indoor trainer. BAH! If I wanted to bask in the humid gym air, taking in the wafting odors of several peoples bodies at once with every intake of breath, I'd join a herd of cattle! Been there, smelled that. Then you also get to deal with paying good money to enjoy the benifits of club membership! Yeeeeeaaaah. Like the guy that stalks the squat rack like a prowling lion, and then grunts like a pig in heat when he atempts to herniate his intestines all over the gym floor. Nah! No thanks. I'll be outdoors! At least out there, if I hear any grunting, I'll know spring is in the air because it's the beggining of outdoor mating season.

And rollers?..............don't even go there!

Sooooo.......................How's the training going? I mean, for you, ya know.

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