Wednesday, December 14, 2005

More Big Wheel News From Trek U.

As I talked to Ryan Atkinson yesterday, he was relating to me how he has noticed a rising awareness amongst the media concerning 29 inch wheeled bicycles. He also mentioned that a couple "mainstream" rags are starting to pick up on the buzz. Apparently, one of them has told Ryan that they plan on running 29"er news in every issue! Awesome! I think it was that same magazine that has two Fisher hardtails set up identically other than one having twenty six inch wheels and the other twenty nine inch wheels. That should be a good test!

Ryan also stated that a magazine that has poo-pooed the whole idea of a 29 inch wheeled bike in the past has also committed to running articles on the big wheeled bikes! It seems that the industry is slowly but surely starting to come around to the idea of the 29"er as a legitimate player on the mountain bike scene. I say, 'bout time, ya yay-hoos!

Look for a surprise tomorrow!

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