Monday, December 12, 2005

Tire News

It looks as though the Specialized Fast Track 29"er tire is going to be available this Friday, or after. Great! Just in time for Christmas! This should prove to be a great tire for those of us 29 inch weilding MTB'ers that are looking to ride fast on buff singletrack! The volume is said to be slightly bigger than the currently available ExiWolf, making the Fast Track the largest volume 29" tire right now. It's said to have a thin, flexible sidewall, so no rocky, sharp edged stuff here.

You might wonder, "Why would you be posting about this tire?" Well, I may just have a use for it............possibly. Maybe there is a new developement that necessitates the need for speed. Maybe..............

The night will be short tonight, as I have to be outta the house at 5am. tomorrow to get to work so I can go to Trek's educational drek in Des Moines tomorrow. All I can say is, "four hours of windshield time with Leans on Wood!" Nuff said! Night time commute should be interesting. I'm not usually out that early in the am. This should get some startled looks from motorists as they see a guy on his bike at 5:30 in the morning. Fun!

Well, I'm going to get in the sack now, gotta be fresh for tomorrow's drudgery!

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