Friday, December 09, 2005

Gettin' Out Again!

Wow! It's been a week since I contracted whatever that virus was that cleaned me out and knocked me down. I still have vestiges of the cold symptoms, but I got the "medical release" from my wife. So, hey! I'm going out to play in the snow today! Looks like some bicycling, walking, and XC skiing. Fun!

Now that I get to spend time outdoors again, I sure hope it gets a wee bit warmer out. These sub-zero morning temps are getting old. Funny thing was that yesterday, it got up to 16 degrees above zero, and it felt warm! Then I thought about it, and that was thirty-two degrees warmer than it was just the day before! No wonder I felt like shedding a layer!

All this snow and cold is giving me Pugsley cravings! I showed it to my wife last night, and she asked how much it would be. I said, "You don't want to know!", which is code for, I ain't tellin ya, cause if you knew, you'd say, "Go ahead honey, and I'll get the plasma T.V." (!!!aahh!!!) I know how that works! Been there, had to pay for that!

Well, here's hoping that you get outside to do something. Ride a bike, ski, skate, or even just a walk. Winter is awesome! Embrace it!

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