Thursday, December 08, 2005


Snowing again. Maybe got two far! That white stuff is piling up out there! Maybe we'll get rid of some of it come this weekend when temps are forecasted to be in the mid thirties, for highs that is.

I see that Cat Eye Double and Triple Shot lights are gettin' some more love on Cycling News again. It's the same report that ran in their Tech column about two weeks ago. Weird!

Mr. 24 has an interesting poll going on today concerning bike choice for endurance racing. Check it out and vote! By the way, he's been riding outside in the sub-zero temps on his singlespeed lately. True freak!

I'm still not well enough,( according to the house R.N...that'd be my wife!) to go outdoors and exercise yet. Although, I did shovel the walk today. That counts.....right guys? I think maybe tomorrow I might get a short XC ski run in. Xc ski stuff is going out fast at the shop. It keeps me busy, and that's good.

More "Bouncing Bits" in a post tonight!

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