Friday, December 30, 2005

A Look Over The Shoulder

One of my personal favorite skills I have learned over the years is the "look over the shoulder" to check on things behind me while I'm riding my bicycle. It's a little tricky since you do not want to drift towards the direction that you are looking. When you can get a good look back, and hold a straight line, well.....that's pretty cool!

So, here's my blog/ bicycling related look back at 2005, hopefully without drifting in that direction. Just a good look, ya'all.

Accomplishments: I think the biggest thing here is Jeff Kerkove and I somehow pulling off Trans Iowa back in April. It was amazing, fun, exhausting, and epic. It was well recieved, and we learned alot. About ourselves, other people, and what is possible if you put some effort into it. Now we're doing it all over again! Secondly, I would mention this blog. I never thought that it would take off so well. I am working hard to be better, but I can't deny that I didn't think that someday I'd make something out of my desire to write. Thanks to you all for reading! Watching the accomplishments of others has been gratifying, as well. Kerkove winning races, his Japan trip, Buchanondale coming in second to Mr. 24 at Boone, the Blue Collar Blog getting success, and several other things I'm sure I'm missing. To all of you: Congratulations! It's been a fun year because of you!

Developements: Several things were significant this year in terms of being news, or in terms of change. Matt Chester's blog rolling to a halt tomorrow, two new 29"er sites popping up on the net, and the introduction of the On-One Inbred 29"er come to mind. The impact of Gary Fisher's Rig 29"er single speed, the burgeoning interest in 29"ers overall, and meeting several new people this year are others. In the "29"er world", I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Curiak, Ryan Atkinson, and several riders too numerous to mention. Lots of changes! Lots of new things!

Just A Quick Look: When you are riding, you only have time for a quick look back. No gazing back over the horizons crossed or you will surely wreck! With that in mind, I'm sure that I didn't catch a few things with this quick look back, but I have to keep my focus on the road ahead! There are hills to climb, and sweet decents to relish. Some surprises and some goals to be met. Tomorrow, I'll give you all a glimpse of what I'm seeing on my radar screen. OUT!

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