Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sunday: Late Edition

It was a pretty eventfull weekend. My daughter's birthday was Saturday. (she turned five years old) My wife's birthday was Thursday, and I took her out for dinner on Friday night. Of course, T.I.V.2 registration, and some cross country skiing yesterday followed by a four mile hike into church to play in the band topped off the weekend.

I always wonder about people when they look at you with a quizical face as you explain to them that you actually used your legs for what they are for- WALKING! Buchanondale can vouch for me on this one. I don't get it. I mean, if you do not have a car, your what? not going anywhere? How's that work?

I remember what my Dad used to say if I asked him to get something for me. "Your legs broke? Get it yourself!" Maybe the spirit of that remark is not so hot, but we could all do with a little re-arranging of our thinking. I remember when I worked for The Dark Side, ( auto mechanic!) the looks on peoples faces when you told them that their car was out of commission for a few days. The look of shock and horror was akin to having heard that their closest friend had died. Turmoil would erupt as they panicked, frantically scrounging for the cell phone in order to call for a ride. Awesome!

Anyway, I'm not some hero, whacko, or tough guy. I'm just doing the natchurl thang! You should too!

Oh yeah! Ride your bike, too!

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All3Sports said...

I wish employers would encourage employees to walk or ride to work. Showers would be a nice touch. The company I work for just build a bla,bla,bla million dollar facility. When I asked if we could get a couple of shower stall put in they looked at me like I was an idiot. The trail system here is so great people could ride/walk to work without having to play in traffic, if only the employers would push for it.