Friday, April 22, 2011

Trans Iowa V7: It Is Time!

 Today it all kicks off. Trans Iowa will hold its Pre-Race Meat-Up at the Grinnell Steakhouse at 5pm sharp.

Keep in mind that you need to get there as soon as possible after 5pm to get ta grillin'! That way, we can get to the meeting sooner, and get you to your beds sooner, because you'll need to get up at "dark-thirty" to toe the line for the start of T.I.V7 at 4am.

But don't even think about coming after 6pm to the Pre-Race. Be on time folks!

Now that the event is nigh, the only thing that we can do is see what the weather does. If it rains even a moderate amount, I fear it will become a quagmire, but with two days of drying out time before today, it still should be doable. We'll see.

Trans Iowa Radio: Here's the deal on this. (I seem to cover this every year, and yet people still don't get it. Amazingly enough) At any rate, I do this for my own enjoyment. It isn't for a blow by blow account of your favorite rider, or your cousin, who happens to be in T.I.V7, or a service to keep nervous gals appraised of their man-friend's every position in the midst of the night. So, just what is it for?

Well, some folks want to listen to me ramble on about the front group in the race, the conditions, and odd tidbits of whatever enters my mind after double digit hours of sleep deprivation. Other than this, it isn't really worth listening to. You could follow my Tweets @guitarted1961 with the #tiv7 hashtag too. Which, by the way, will appear in the right margin on this blog as well.

But after it is all said and done, I sure hope no one gets all up in arms that these weren't on the T.I. site, or that I didn't mention "so-and-so", or that something didn't come out right. Because if you stop to think about it, you are just getting what you paid for.  Know what I mean?

And I may just be too busy to post anything, just so you know that going in.

So, enjoy clicking and listening this weekend, and I'll be back late on Sunday to file an initial report.  Till then.............

Snow Dog Down: 58 Days And Counting........


KC said...

I'd love to follow you on Twitter to keep up with the race, BUT for some reason it's not taking. Any chance you blocked me? @klcoll

Guitar Ted said...

@kevin: Nah....don't think I blocked ya. If nothing else, all the #tiv7 Tweets should show if you search "#tiv7". Twitter should pull all the tweets with that hash tag for your enjoyment.