Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Dirty Kanza 200 Chronicles: Stressed Out!

<==image by Captain Bob.

Well, this whole Trans Iowa V7 thing has me pretty occupied of late. To say I'm a bit stressed out is an understatement, and it has taken its toll on my riding.

Lately, when I get off work, instead of taking the long route home, I am headed in the shortest bee line to the house just to sit and vegetate for a bit while the house is still empty. My desire to ride gravel long time has dwindled to short time.

Still, I got in a few nice rides. The "two-fer" on Wednesday being a good example. Great stress reliever, and great riding.

This coming week? Fahgedda-boudit! I'm just going to write this week off, as Trans Iowa V7 will be pretty much my sole focus over the next week. Afterward, I will be able to buckle down and put in some more serious training.

On the bike/gear front, I swapped out the Geax Barro Race tires for the way-fast Bontrager XR-1 tires, which are not only faster, but lighter, and clear the fork a wee bit better. If you have the clearance, and especially if you are a bigger fella like me, you should try these tires. You'll be feeling far faster, and the volume of these tires is great, so running lower pressures is okay. I run about 38psi, and these tires fly.

Secondly, I am looking pretty hard at Banjo Brothers Waterproof Saddle Trunk.  Having had the unique opportunity to talk with both "Banjo Brothers" in the shop where I work  recently, I am convinced this bag may be the ticket for the ultimate gravel grinder, go ultra-long, set up. "Banjo Eric" told me this thing holds the same capacity as a regular rack top trunk bag. With the Tangle Bag being occupied by my 70 oz. Camelbak reservoir, I could use that extra room for rain gear, and a few oddments. We'll see how it holds up after I get it.

Next week will be all Trans Iowa, so look for the next installment of The Dirty Kanza 200 Chronicles on May 1st

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Wally said...

That Saddle Trunk looks like the ticket for longer rides with the La Cruz. I like the look, the build and the price! Nice!

Guitar Ted said...

@Wally: Yeah, my only possible reservation with the bag might be if my legs bounce the thing around as I pedal. We'll see how it sits on the "Orange Crush" when it comes in.

Bear said...

I've still got a spot for you in the BALLS ride if Mrs. Guitar Ted will give you a weekend pass the weekend after TI. Two days, 165 miles, cold beer, lots of fun!

Doug G said...

That is a nice looking bag....let us know how it goes. Looks like phil wood has forgotten about you.

Good luck with the race!

Ari said...

Jaand Also made a nice bag like that.ari

David said...

You will love the bag! I used it last fall for 50 mile days on the mtb up in N Wi riding some pretty technical single track on the rigid SS and it never moved one bit. I also used it recentlly for 11 miles of gravel bliss on the La Cruz for the Ragnarok and it held everything I didn't end up needing and all that I did (non supported this year).

Dan said...

Ted, I'm wondering what bars you have on the bike pictured (Sawyer?) are they On One Fleegles? Also what knickers are you sporting?

Guitar Ted said...

@Dan, The bars are the Crivitz Bars available from Bontrager and come stock on a Sawyer. They are very much like a Carnegies Bar from Ragley Bikes, which were designed by Brant Richards, who designed the Fleegle as well. So, a direct lineage of sorts there!

The knickers are Endura Humvee 3/4's length in black. Don't buy the khaki ones! They are junk, but the black ones are great.