Sunday, April 24, 2011

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MG said...

I understand you feel bad about screwing up the cue sheets and refitted, and that you "try the best you can" but then don't impose the same arbitrary finish line cutoff time, especially after we have been busting our asses for more than 24 hours to make your checkpoints, and then to not have the respect of being called a finisher. You screwed over people who sacrificed months of their lives training for your event, some of whom traveled half-way across the country to participate. I will gladly pay entry fees for professionally-run events that are focused on the participants, even ones that are 100% self-supported.

I think accurate cue sheets are the least we can expect. I mean, that's just a safety thing for people in a foreign place, in the middle of the night, after they've been racing for more than 24 hours. Is that not too much to ask?

Guitar Ted said...

"...don't impose the same arbitrary finish line cutoff time, especially after we have been busting our asses for more than 24 hours to make your checkpoints, and then to not have the respect of being called a finisher."

@MG: You know, the rules of Trans Iowa are well known to you. This didn't seem to bother you coming into the event when you did a few years back, knowing an entire field of riders were DNF'ed in V2.


If that is the case, I am reading a bitter, disappointed man's feelings about a ride that didn't turn out. I get that.

I do not appreciate being castigated for running the event like I have for seven years.

If you feel slighted by not finishing due to something you see as being my fault, then I can accept this, but rules such as cut off times are something that I feel are important.

Look, you can say I am unprofessional, (true, I don't make money at this), you can slight me by saying I don't care about you or the other riders, (patently untrue), and whatever you'd like, Matt, but you have some responsibility in this as well. Just ask any of the 18 people that managed to get there on time.

MG said...

I agree the 18 people who finished achieved quite an accomplishment. But they did it having to overcome obstacles imposed by the promoters of the event, and considering how formidable the event is anyway, that's simply not acceptable, especially considering your inflexibility with the finish line cutoff.

So quite simply, the only thing I can do to show you how disappointed I am is to now longer choose to participate.

And quit hiding behind the "I didn't make any money at this thing." Charge an entry fee if that's an issue, because you not making money isnt my problem. "real" events charge entry fees. The Dirty Kanza doesn't have 25% of it's registrants no-show to the event each year. Why? They charge an entry fee. The participants have an in investment in participation.

So now, the Dirty Kanza 200 will be my gravel event of choice. I will gladly pay for a professionally run event that gives us cue sheets we can rely on as well as reliable on-course markings, both of which have been an issue in each of the four TransIowa events I have participated in.

I don't blame you for all of my problems out on the course. Had I not had any problems, finishing wouldn't have been a problem. Perhaps if you actually rode TransIowa, and tried to finish it within the constraints you've set, you'd feel a little differently. But I suspect you'll disregard this feedback as "bitter ramblings" and if that's the case, it's your loss.

MG said...

... And I can't speak to what happened at TI v.2. I was not there.

Guitar Ted said...

@MG: Well then, Matt. I see how it is. No use in discussing it further with you.

Sorry that you feel this way. I'm not going to disparage what you decide to pursue, nor your character. I just wish you had the same respect for me.

I don't have to publish these comments that you make, but I also am not afraid to own up to reasonable criticisms. If you want to discuss this when you can refrain from attaching your bitterness and disappointment with the results of your ride, I'm game. But it would seem that as of right now, I would be wasting any further efforts in coming to any solutions for your issues with me/Trans Iowa.