Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trans Iowa V7: Course Update #3- Visuals

My "Course Update #2" which is the post before this, is all audio, but here are the visuals to go along with that. You will be able to see what 12 straight hours of precip does to roads around here.

Here is a B Maintenance road which comes sometime after Checkpoint #1 and is the 4th B Road on the course.

This one hasn't seen any traffic, but if this was race day, you'd probably still wouldn't see any traffic marks on it. Why? Because everyone would be walking in the ditch!

I suspect that in about 12 more hours, with all the wind we are experiencing, it would become rideable.

Here you can see how soft the roads were in places. Pretty gooey and muddy.

It won't stay like that for long, but with a rain just prior to, or during the event could bring this sort of deal to the forefront very quickly.

It wasn't like this everywhere, but it was more of this than not. It reminded me a ton of how the roads were going into Checkpoint #2 last year.

Well, whatever the weather does, we should be ready to go come Friday afternoon to great you all for Trans Iowa V7. See ya all soon!

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