Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trans Iowa V7 Update #23: The Last Chance For Gas!

Trans Iowa V7 Update #23:

Okay folks, this is it! One week and Trans Iowa will already be underway.

Here are a few things I want everyone to be up on:

#1: Read All The Updates!! I posted a link to every update on the Trans Iowa V7 site last week. Go read them. NOW!

#2: Be On Time!! When I say be at the Grinnell Steakhouse by 5pm, I mean it. Be there late and pay the price of not riding in T.I.V7. Think I'm kidding? Just try me. Really, I won't let you race if you are late.

First of all, it is only right that you do due diligence for a free event. Secondly, the hard working folks of the Grinnell Steakhouse deserve respect, and being late is rude. Period.

#3: Understand The Event: Remember: We do not do anything beyond providing cue sheets! The event is up to you to navigate, finish, or not- Get out of the course, or fix anything that goes wrong. Don't ask us to "do" anything. We won't. We'll figure out who is first, second, and third, if anyone can be those people. Otherwise, we are not connected to you and your excursion. Happy trails. (Really. We mean this)

#4: Have Fun: If you are coming to be super-serious, and gain glory, fame, or some honor, then you will be sadly disappointed. Trans Iowa isn't about that. It's about suffering, challenging yourself, and having fun along the way.

And In Closing.... Whatever happens, I hope that Trans Iowa is a fun, enjoyable, memorable, and safe time for everyone. David Pals and I do this out of our love for gravel road riding, challenging rides, and our passion for the people who are like minded. We truly enjoy each and every one of you that "gets it" and thank you sincerely for all you do to make Trans Iowa a very special event. Our time, money, and effort is invested into this edition of Trans Iowa, with no hope of any payback. Our reward is seeing you have fun riding your bicycles in Iowa.


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Jay said...

bravo, thank you guys!!!