Saturday, March 19, 2011

Trans Iowa V7 Update #19: Pre-Race Meat-Up Edition

Trans Iowa V7 Update #19: Pre-Race Meat-Up Edition: If you didn't receive the following e-mail from me, either you (a) slipped through the cracks, (b) had a spam filter block it, or (c), I couldn't read your e-mail address properly on your post card and got it wrong. You also may have gotten this and not responded. At any rate, here is what you need to see.....

Hello All!

David and I are excited to meet all of you at the Pre-Race Meat-Up April 22nd at the Grinnell Steakhouse starting at 5pm- 8pm. This is a required pre-race meeting and you will not be capable of starting T.I.V7 without attending. No exceptions.

This is an important e-mail! Please read it thoroughly. It does require a response, so please make sure you send me your answers to my questions within a week of receipt of this message so I do not contact you with the same details once again. Thanks!

The Grinnell Steakhouse will be allowing us use of their space in return for your support by buying a dinner. While you don't have to purchase anything, we know you do have to eat somewhere, so why not support a local business? The Grinnell Steakhouse is a great place with a large indoor grill where you will be able to mingle as you cook your own vittles and get to know your fellow T.I.V7 riders. Here are your menu choices for the evening: (Keep in mind that if you are attending with support folks, friends, or family, they can come, but we will need their choices and a number of attendees for your party)

For The Vegetarians: Veggie meal for $15.95.  (That is the Salad Bar for $9.95 and the veggie Kabob or veggie skillet for $5.95 plus a free soft drink with the special. )

"GYO Special"   Ribeye Steak -$17.95
 ...or... Veggie Meal - $15.95
 ...or... Pork/Chicken - $12.95. 
(Salad Bar and a soft drink included.) 

 Please Note: a 17% Gratuity and sales tax is added to each meal. 

Alcohol and beer can be purchased separately.

Please Indicate In A Reply The Following:

1- Your Number Of Folks In Your Party: (Yourself as 1 plus "X")
2-The Meal Choices For Each Member Of Your Party

Please respond no later than one week after receiving this message to avoid my having to re-contact you.

Also, if you can not attend the meeting, you can not ride in the event. If you can not attend for other reasons, we need to know that as well, so please respond with a "decline" if you can not make it this year. 

Finally, if you have any questions, please copy my address over to a new conversation and e-mail me. I'd be glad to answer, but please keep this communication limited to the Pre-Race attendance and meal choices. Thanks!


Okay, that was the e-mail. I need a response ASAP! Now, for the list of names that I need to hear from.

   Jim McGuire, Jack Lewis,    .

Okay- If your name is on this list, I need to hear from you no later than March 31st, or you will be stricken from the roster and out of Trans Iowa.

If you know someone on this list, get ahold of them and let them know. I will also re-sent the e-mail one more time, but after this, I will no longer pursue trying to get ahold of anyone. Since Trans Iowa is a free event, we need to do this to keep our costs and efforts to a minimum level. The expenses and time to do Trans Iowa come directly from David's and my pockets and away from our jobs and family. Please respect that and be up front about your commitment to the event, either by responding with the proper information, or by declining. The e-mail you need to send any correspondence to is this one.   

I will be removing names from this post as I get responses, so please check back to see if anyone you are interested in has responded to me. Thanks!

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