Thursday, March 31, 2011


Back in my yooth, I used to live to play football. I didn't care about doing much else, with the possible exception of riding my lime green metal flake 20"er with a black and silver metalflake polo seat, a five foot high sissy bar, high rise handle bars canted slightly forward, and a 2" "cheater slick" on the back.

But I digress....

Anywho, I used to have to do what we called "two-a-days" to start out the season's practices. One practice in the morning, one in the early afternoon. I guess it was sort of like "football boot camp", and it was meant to whip us younginz into shape quickly. Or make us tired and surly. Maybe both, come to think of it.

Well, today I did a cycling version of a "two-a-day" I got the kids off to school, and loaded up the "Truck With No Name", (or "TWNN"), and headed off for a long drive to a secret point on the T.I.V7 course. This would not only get me much needed training miles, but would also allow me to check another site by bicycle, and a couple more with the "TWNN" on the way back.

The ride was awesome! Blue-bird skies and little wind. The temperatures were rising quickly too. It started out chilly, but by the end of the ride, I was dressed too warmly.

The gravel was dry, but there were a lot of places where it had been laid out fresh, so there weren't too many good lines where you could really fly. There was a bit of that "fluff" in places, and that stuff is hard to ride through. It wants to wash out your front end, so T.I.V7 riders will need to beware of that stuff.

I did a loop, so not all of my ride was on T.I.V7 course. (Are these pics from the course? maybe, maybe not.....) I ran across some dogs, which were pretty funny, as they tried in vain to catch me as I sped down a hill away from them. Eat my dust, Pooches!

Well, with that fun behind me, I came home, had a bit to eat, since I missed lunch, and then headed out for about ten miles of riding my fixed gear bike to run some errands. Man! That back pedaling to control your speed kills my hips! (Or whatever muscles are up in there) Anyway, it was good to get that "rat-ride" out and have a go on it yesterday too.

All in all, a pretty productive day on the bike. How can you argue with that?

NOTE: Eric Brunt, Jim McGuire, Jack Lewis This is your LAST CALL! Get ahold of me by midnight tonight, or I will have to take you three off the T.I.V7 roster!!

Also: I'm going to start a "Snow Dog Down" counter, since it's been so long since I've heard anything. Today marks 36 Days and counting since I sent the wheel in for repair.


Courtney Hilton said...

thats the best part of cheap hubs, no waiting for warranties just throw away and buy new...or wait I've yet to break any.Nothing against Phillwood or Chris king, but I can build 2 wheelsets for the additional cost of those things.

Doug G said...

That pure blue sky looks great....I need some of that.

36 days on your wheel with no update or anything is unacceptable from any company.

Ari said...

Some of us are saving, selling stuff on ebay, to buy you a new hub. You should not have to wait that long for a hub.

Ben Bolin said...

I've been experiencing the "Two-A-Days" the last two weeks myself. I never thought that commuting 17 miles twice a day would wear me out. My commuting route isn't very flat so that probably explains a lot of it and at that distance I do try to keep up the pace just so it doesn't cut into schedules on either end. As of yesterday I think my body is finally getting acclimated to it. Two-A-Days are a good thing.