Monday, June 06, 2005

Another Mutt From the Stable

There's just something about a classic steel hardtail, isn't there?
Guitar Ted Productions

Take a look at this. It's my "trunk" bike! I call it that because it fits perfectly in the trunk of my '96 Camry. (Well, I do have to remove both wheels, and the seatpost/saddle to get it in there!) I do not have a rack, or any other good means to transport a bike at this time, so if I want to take along a bike, this is the one that goes.

I believe it's a '99 Rockhopper. I helped a former co-worker pick it out, and then a few years later, he sold it to me. Original equipment except the fork, courtesy of Carlos the Jackal. (I may be going back to rigid, I hate having to futz with air pressure before every ride!) Oh yeah! The wheels are different too! I almost forgot! They are off a C'dale mountain bike, and were lighter than the stock wheels. I have got some Bontrager something or other tires on it. It rides pretty well........for a 26 inch wheeled bike! Ritchey Ni-Ti steel tubing helps with that.

Bonus points for any localis that can identify the setting for this picture of my bike!

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loonyOne said...

GT, It looks like the 'landing' at the bottom of the stairs at Martyr's River Trail. I am sure that it it somewhere else, but that's what it looks like to me. I too love the ride a steel framed bike provides. But, then again, you prolly guessed that two year ago. hehehe