Saturday, June 25, 2005

Just Wondering.....

I'm sitting here listening to the thunder roll in, which got me to thinking, I wonder how Jeff did in the 12 Hours of Thunder in the Black Hills? The race should be over by now. I hope he did well!

Work was a wreck! Rained all morning, so no customers. Then it quits, so everybody shows up at once! Of course, due to "scheduling errors" it was total mayhem. Then calm, then mayhem! Arrgh! We just couldn't get to everybody! Hopefully, a little wisdom was gained today! The upside was that our "part time employee", Ron Saul was in today. He informed me that possibly I may get my frame/fork project painted in a sage green color. Now, that would be cool! I also got Ron hooked up with some Elete electrolyte replacement today. I expect a full report, Mr Saul!!! Ha ha!

I left the owner/operator in control of the operations, as he is the owner of the operation, afterall. See, I had to leave early to go gig in our church band. Things were a little on the ragged side for me, as I was a replacement for the regular guitarist in that group. I guess it went pretty well, actually. After all of that, I came home after a long day. I get to do it all over again in reverse tomorrow. Playing first, then working. No time for the bike this weekend!

That will all change! South winds are predicted for Monday. The course is being plotted! Stay tuned for a ride report!

Hey, check this site developed and maintained by Jeff Yeilding! Pretty cool work here. Way to go Mr. Yeilding! Good luck on the rest of your season!

Still wonderin' about Mr. 24, though, hmmm...................................

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Jeff Yielding said...

Hey thanks GT

Woundering about Mr 24 too.... still waiting