Friday, June 03, 2005

Garage Bike Classics

Today's Garage Bike Classic presented by Russ Clarke. It's's, ummm,.....yeah! A Bike!.........rrrriiiggghht! Brilliant!
Guitar Ted Productions

My boss, Russ Clarke is a bike collecting addict. ssssshhhhh! Not so loud! Don't tell anyone! Okay? Good! Now, take a look at this oddity from his collection, a Raleigh 3 speed commuter bike. It actually rides pretty well, and has some cool details. Tiny wheels, but then you can't have it all! ( I guess. Insert big wheel envy here!) Enjoy! Have a great ride this weekend!


Jeff Kerkove said...

That bike has a stand over of like 10 inches. And the gearing appears to be a 53 x 11. That is a commuters dream!

All3Sports said...

Would that be ITU legal with areobars?