Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Garage Bike Classics

Garage Bike Classic: 1978? Trek Model 536 Ishiwata tubed, Shimano 600EX equipped "Barn" built in Waterloo Wisconsin.
Guitar Ted Productions

Today's bike is a "barn" built Trek from approximately 1978. (At least my research on shows it to be this vintage) Apart from the ghastly water bottle cages, and positively hideous ragbrai sticker covering the brass headbadge, this is a fine example of an unadulterated late 70's racing steed. Curiously, there are no braze ons to mount a water bottle cage, so the owner can be partially forgiven this faux pas. Additionally, the Shimano 600EX components worked as well as ever. I doubt we'll see current Ultegra 10 speed components in anywhere near as good a working order in 27 years!

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