Thursday, June 30, 2005

What Is, and What Should Never Be, Part II

It's the Circle of Life. I, UN-92, must now return to the Earth. You, UN-73, must take my place!
Guitar Ted Productions

Another good one for ya! Check out the pic. Yeah, that's right, the spindle snapped in two! Yep, while the guy was riding it. And get this, the crank arm/ pedal slam into the back wheel, which happened to be a three spoke composite wheel, and smashed the spoke structure, so as to render the wheel useless. Cool! ( No humans were injured or killed during the failure of this part) Yeah, it's all good. This customer is huge, and he can take it! (dirtram- if your reading this, you know this dude! clue= steroid) Also note, the rest of this bike is thrashed! Toastito-buritto! Done! In other words, another example of a death sled! Stay tuned for more death sleds as Europa Cycle and Ski continues on the "05 Motorcade of Death Tour"!


"The Chad" said...

Does this HUGE man also drive a HUGE automobile? If so I beleive I also know him and am not suprised by that picture.

dirtram said...

YES!!! i just popped in to see what has been going on lately. what am i rewarded with? tales from the Y-bike that wrestles people not even close to it's weight class. the further adventures of Hummer Dave a.k.a. Steriod Dave. that pile of pharma-juiced flesh puts the hurt on that bike like nobody. bicycle social services needs to be called. he's the physical to Chris Klaren's chemical to the Flying Sausage's psych attack.