Sunday, June 12, 2005

Weekend Review

What a great weekend, weather-wise! I hope you all enjoyed a great ride sometime in the past few days. My weekend was rather busy, so no riding for me. Anyway, with the sunburn I got during the R.A.S.H. Ride wrenching, I haven't felt too good most of the day. Note to self: sunscreen, goooood!

I'm not sure, but was like everybody recreating today? Wyth was packed. The "East Lake" was full of boats! I'm sure the bike path was stupid busy, as well. It all adds up to everyone outdoors, and no one at the shop. Saturday was dead, and I was in Sunday for a minute, and no one was there, customer-wise. All though, Jeff did say it was madness the first hour they were open. Mr. 24 was doing hotlaps around the shop floor and muttering under his breath. Not a good sign! Perhaps something/ someone was getting under his skin? Dunno! I left, as I had other places I had to be.

The following is a small rant, so be forewarned! I had a bad experience today. It's one of my pet peeves when you are partially responsible for something, and there is no communication, and other "team" members don't know what's going on! Yep! That's right up there at the top o my list of bad things! The leaders were not there for various reasons, which is about the second worst thing on my list of pet peeves. So double whammy! Amazingly, things came off okay, so no worries, but that's all in hindsight. At the time, all I could hear was this loud sucking sound slowly turning to blow! I really would rather not experience that, thank you! Okay, ranting over!

You know, I didn't have my pot of black goodness today. Maybe that had someting to do with it? Hmmmmmmmmm...............Nah!

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Carl Buchanan said...

I'm with ya bro!! What is wrong with people today? Why is it so hard to communicate with "the team"? This seems to be a growing problem everywhere I go no matter what type of work is involved.