Friday, June 17, 2005

Friday: I'm Feelin' It!

Looks like this awesome weather is going to stick around a bit! Great! (That's probably why the shop got so busy yesterday- per Jeff's blog) I'm guessing we'll be plenty busy again today! I'm going to be on auto-pilot today. Still sufferin' from the effects of sun, hills, and dust!

Speaking of hills, you ought to go ride around the Ingawanis Scout Camp. (well- if you are local to this area, anyway) Those hills are tough/ fun! Of course, keep in mind, I was on a single speed! It buuuurrrrns! The downhills were a little sketchy, due to the loose gravel, but that only adds to the thrill of it all! The Maxxis Ignitor tire I have mounted in the rear is not real happy on gravel either. It wanted to squirm around a bit, making it feel like the wheel was loose, or the tire was going flat. Not a good thing when you are bombing down a gravel infested hill at 30mph!

I was happy today to find out what was causing the noise that developed on the Karate Monkey a mile from home yesterday. It turned out to be my chain. It was coming apart! Glad that it didn't snap going up one of those hills out near Ingawanis! I'm always amazed at how I find out what's wrong with a bike when I clean it. I guess I look it over more intently, and completely if I am cleaning it. That's how I discovered the chain problem. I was cleaning off the gravel dust from each link of chain when I discovered it was about to break. That's why Jeff and I say, "A clean bike is a happy bike!" It's not so much that your bike is clean, but that you will notice anything that needs attention while you are cleaning it!

Well, if you don't ride your bike this weekend, YOUR NUTS! (I mean that in the best possible sense!) Also, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, to all those dads out there! Enjoy "your" day!

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