Monday, June 20, 2005

More Alien Technology Appears!

It's nice to know that I've got a friend looking out for me!
Guitar Ted Productions

Once again, a strange occurence at Europa Cycle and Ski. Seems that we have a "friend" or two out there that is looking out for us. ( Or maybe, looking out to get us!) A strange package arrived addressed to me and Mr. 24. Appears that the contents,(pictured above) are adorned with a cutsey animal in order to entice us into using this nether-worldly substance on our nether-regions! Must resist.....the gravitational pull! hole! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!

In other shop goings on, we were visited today by Trek big-wig, John Burke, and co-hort....I'm know who you are! Anyway! It was cool to meet these guys. I probably haven't made as much money in my whole life as these guys do in a year. Not that it matters! Just an alien thought!

Very busy today with twiddly things, no real big deals. I got to work with Mr. 24 all day today, which has been the odd thing this year. Well, time to get this monkey-butt up and make some supper! (Thanks dirtram!)

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