Monday, June 13, 2005

Movie Review (?!!!) Napolean Dynamite

Okay, this is going to be a rarity on this site, a movie review! Jeff, and Adam thought I should see this. ( Jeff practically insisted I watch it) So, here are my impressions of Napolean Dynamite. Remember, I am in no way a movie afficianado, buff, or even a fan of the motion picture in any way!

Well, I've got to say first up that this movie is pretty obscure, and comes off as a rather abstract piece. Especially at the begining. Not a movie for folks who have to be told/ shown everything to understand a story. I think you either get this, or not. So, not an easy movie to grasp, even if you wanted to, which alot of people probably wouldn't. I would not recommend this to someone I didn't know very well, for instance.

That said, I think this is a pretty typical "nerd" movie. ( Think Revenge of the Nerds for a genre) Nerds get pushed, shoved, made fun of, and generally degraded until the audience takes them to heart. Then the nerds become victorious over their societal oppressors. This movie is no different. Some of the scenes work on a nostalgic level, bringing you back to the cliquishness, cruelty, and monotony of adolescent, high school, coming of age times that most small town Americans may have endured. There are some good inside jokes, and innuendo that are humorous if you are in the know. And that's the problem with this flick. That's why I said, you either get it, or not. If your left on the outside, then this may be just another Dumb and Dumber experience for you. Make sense? On the positive side, it's a rather "clean" movie, with no real gratuitous sex, violence, or language. That's refreshing. Vulgarity is not art to me, you can and may disagree, but I liked this about Napolean Dynamite.

Bottom line. A weird, arty, abstract, obtuse, take on the oppression of small town society, with a bad climax that wasn't as well thought out as the begining of the picture. About as highschool-ish in it's composistion as the plotline. Mildly amusing from an anecdotal point of view. I give it a D for a overall grade.

Well, I hope I wasn't too hard on this flick. There were some good parts!..........yesssssssss!

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