Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Today's Up and Down Meanderings

Experimental fork installation straight from Mall Wart. Test riders needed!
Guitar Ted Productions

Wow! Today definitely had it's up and downs! Here are the samplings on offer......
1. The above pictured Schwinn brought in to be repaired. Fork was being ridden backwards! Looks like the bike came from the "big box" store like this. Also, the handle bars were at a wonky angle, along with the ubiquitous bad derailluer adjustments, poor brake setup, and wheels out of true. What a gem!
2. Got to work with Mr. 24 one more time before he left for the Black Hills to race a 12 hour. Good times as usual! Go Jeff! (And don't forget my dirt-in-a-bag from S.D.)
3. Surly customer! Had a customer pick up a 30 day check on a sidewalk type 20" wheeled bike dolled up to look like the full-on ramp park rigs that cost 500-800 bucks or more. This rig went for the princely sum of $140. So, yeah! A poser bike for sure. No big, right? Rrrrrrroooooonnnng!!!!!
It's always the part of the story you don't know that bites you in the hind end! What I didn't know was that this gals "son" is 6ft. 3 inches, and is using this bike to do all those cool tricks he saw on X Games! Well, the rear wheel was the first thing to die, along with the tire. Then, today she hauls in her "son's" bike, and the bottom bracket has come all undone, from "just riding around in the driveway". (Her words, in quotations) Beautiful!
4. I found out today that Ibis Cycles is coming back in business! That's awesome, as they built some mighty fine steel, and titanium bikes back in the day. Get on their e-mail list at . Hooray! Maybe they will get into building a 29er!
5. I'm hopefully not to late to score my purple annodized Surly singlespeed, disc compatible hubset. I put in my order this morning. I think this is the first major offering of the purple goodness since about '95, or there abouts. Can't wait! I'll definitely be posting these beauts when, and if they hit my trembling, sweating with anticipation, dirty little guitar playing fingers!

Well, that's enough excitement for one day! I will be hittin' the hay soon! Ahhhhhh!!!!

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