Saturday, June 04, 2005

Resist The Devil and He Will Flee From You

If you see this, turn, hop on your bicycle, and ride away as fast as you can!
Guitar Ted Productions

What is it about these little communication gadgets that have us so under their spell, that we can't be separated from the devils for any amount of time? Why, I used to go riding around for hours and not be able to be reached. I had no fear of riding anywhere without means of tele-communication. What happened? Why can't I ride without the devil in my jersey pocket without a twinge of regret in my conscience? Why can't I be free?

I propose a rebellion. A secession of sorts from the reigns of electronic tyranny. A liberation from the chains of tele-communication. Ride free or die! Cell phones are the devil! Leave the thing at home. Resist, fight, win! Enjoy a ride the way it used to be. Free from the daily grind and all it's responsibilities. It'll all still be there when you get back, I promise.

Oh! And when you get back, check you voice mail. I may have called you from the fiery pit while you were out!

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