Saturday, June 18, 2005


Doin the domestic thang today. Yard work, and other chores. Not too much, really. I am mainly concentrating on taking it easy today. I woke up,(if you could call it that, more "zombie-ish" stumbling about, really) and I realized I just wasn't going to have it today. You know, one of those days where you can't wake up. Gotta listen to the body, rest, putz around the house, and get recovered for tomorrow. I'm hoping to get out in the afternoon to do a short gravel grinder, or spin through the Greenbelt, depending on how the legs feel then. We'll see!

Saw an interesting thought or two on the Matt Chester blog, (accessable from side bar) concerning spinning, and not stopping. Spinning regardless of the situation. Spinning at your own pace, not the pace dictated by others. Wow! Wise stuff. Wish I had known it when I used to race. I guess I figured it out, sort of! My plan on the races just before the end of my racing days was to let the fools all go, and just get going at my own rate. I inevitably would catch and pass a majority of the field. I knew back then that it just always takes me a while to get going, and of course, by the time I did get going, the race would be over! Oh well! The XC thing wasn't my thing!

All that to say, don't let your mind, the kid on "the Magna", the guy who just blew by you on the road rocket, or any other thing get you out of your groove. I have to re-learn that up a lot of climbs, or I get cooked! Pace, pace pace! It's pretty important on a single speed, too. Especially on looonnnng rides, like last Thursday. I like to embody it all by saying "Keep moving forward", and "It's my pace, and I'm stickin' to it!" Did someone once say, "Steady pace wins the race"?............

I finally caught up with "part timer" Ron Saul the other day. Got to talk about some powder coating I need done. He got me pointed in the right direction. Right now, I'm leaning toward metallic silver,(which looked bluish-gray on the computer screen?) and finishing it off with powder blue, or flat black panels made from stick-on vinyl. (Like old Bontrager mtb panels were done) This is going to be the scheme for the Schwinn High Sierra project. It's "just" a Schwinn, but it does have roller cam brakes front and rear, so that's why the special attention! I've got a set of beige Panaracer Magic tires to mount up on it, and I am patiently waiting for some OnOne Midge bars to become available for it! (Come on! J&B!!!!)

Well, it's off now to clean out some eaves troughs. Those little maple helicoptor seeds will grow anywhere, seemingly! Later!

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