Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Cadence: Gitcher-self Sum!

Close up of bottom bracket spindle
Guitar Ted Productions

Cadence. You may or may not know the term, but if you ride a bike, you have it. It's not a communicable disease, although it is a good thing to get worked on. Your cadence is the rotation your legs makes whilst pedaling. It's usually measured in revolutions per minute. Yeah, like an engines R.P.M.. You are the engine on your bike. The engine works best when it spins in it's optimum power band. (Where it's most efficient) If you choose to run the motor in an overworked fashion, lugging it down, you are going to wear out parts faster, and cause unnecessary failures. Run your engine in the smoothest, most efficient way, and your parts will last longer with almost no failures. It's your choice, people!

A good example came in today. (pictured above, ) This bike gets ridden in the highest gear, almost exclusively. The rider is not smooth! He tends to wrestle the bike as he rides it. All the suspension components were loose on it when it came in. The rear wheel bearings were totally wasted! Not to mention the non-lubricated state of the chain, and how sweat had corroded several parts of the bike. Unwashed heathen riders!

So, it's your choice. Spin or mash! Be smooth on your body and bike, or ride rudely until something fails. Something like your knees, or a bottom bracket spindle. Go ahead, I'll be in my apron at the shop waiting! Mu-wah-ha-ha-ha!

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