Monday, June 27, 2005

What Is, and What Should Never Be

This is Dan. Dan is a smarter cyclist than I. He carries an inflation device!
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Well, today was to be a looonngg day in the saddle. It turned out a little differently than I had hoped. Things got off to a good start. I did some pre-ride hydration techniques that seemed to work well. I left the house at 8:00 am. That gives me a good shot at getting in 80-100 miles before I have to be home at 5:00 pm. (I'm riding a singlespeed, by the way.) So, I'm on my way out of town on the Seargeant Road trail when it happens. A flat tire! Grrrr! I get the tube out, and curiously, the puncture is on the inside diameter of the tube. I check the rim strip. Yep! There it is! The rim strip had been applied a little too far over to one side, allowing the tube to come in contact with a spoke holes edge. Got that remedied. New tube, install it, reach for the trusty Blackburn frame fit pump, and.......and.......where the %#@* is the pump! That's right! No pump. Well, while I was contemplating who I should call for a ride, along comes Dan. (pictured above) Dan stops to see if I need a hand. Got a pump? Yep! He hands me his Topeak
Morph pump. It works flawlessly! Dan proceeds to tell me that he rode up for Stugis Falls Celebration, and that he was headed out to Ames. Then maybe over to Cedar Rapids, and back up this way on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail. No hurry! He doesn't have to be back until August! (how very nice!) Any way, I thank him, and then head back home to retrieve a pump. Well, by the time all of this occurs, I am out of it- time, that is! Now there is no way to get in those miles and be back home when I need to be. Plan B goes into effect. I mow the lawn!

Now I've got some other errands to do, and I think I know where that frame pump is! Gotta check dat out! I'll be toolin' around town on my bike, doin' errands. That isn't so bad. Late!

Check out the pic below! Mad scramble looking for a non-existent means of inflation!

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