Sunday, June 26, 2005

Marathon Sunday in the Bag

Ever had one of those days that when you reach the end of it, you're glad it's over? Yeah. That'd be today! I won't go into detail, but this day was whack! Work went okay. We were busy enough that it kept my mind off of the time, but not so busy as to be crazy. Took my two children out to a farm after work to see farm animals and such. That was pretty cool. What wasn't cool was that I didn't get to eat after breakfast until 7:00pm! I'm afraid that may come back to haunt me tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow, I have decided to head South. The winds are supposed to be from that direction, so I am going for the tailwind kick home. Looking forward to several hills, as there is nary a flat chunk o ground in that direction. I've got some hydration tweaks to try tomorrow, as well. Gonna need it in 90 degree heat!

Congratulations to Jeff Kerkove on his impressive 2nd place showing at the 12 Hours of Thunder! Way to go, Jeff! Do click the link in my sidebar for a detailed race re-cap! ( Jeff: At least you laid eyes on Crazy Horse! $1o.00? A small price to pay to fund creative dynamite blasting techniques!)

Well, it's off to bed for me! Ride report late tomorrow, hopefully with pics!

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