Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Trans Iowa Still Generating Interest

A month and a half has gone by, and yet Trans Iowa is still being talked about out there in cyberland. Matt Chester, a renowned fabricator of titanium singlespeed bicycles has revived the topic on his blog, which can be accessed from the side-bar of this blog. I have been compiling all the race reports that I can find out there, also. I hope to make some sense out of all of it, add some of my own commentary, and put together a story. I'm not sure it would be of any interest to anybody outside of the Trans Iowa experience. Maybe it would be. All I know is that I find it all rather facinating. Click on over to Matt Chester's site, go to the blog, and read the reports he has linked there. I have these and way more! If you care to make a comment regarding the possibility of obtaining this story, go ahead. I may become motivated to finish the project sooner if I start to see some interest. At any rate, it will get done, if only for my own enjoyment!

Regarding Trans Iowa 2, (I dislike the Roman numeral system for the designation of our race's consecutive year) work is under way. Route recon starts July 4th weekend. I don't think the route will get finalized until the fall of this year. I have recently recieved all the suggestions Jeff got regarding the events first running, and have several new ideas to work with. Some are minor, and some are pretty major. I will be talking over several of these with people whose opinion I value. Then Jeff and I will have to decide on whether or not to implement those ideas.

The next version of the race should be better. Better run, organized, and researched. I plan on a different type of course that will bring a different challenge to the riders. Sponsors? I hope that we can come even close to the amount of support that we recieved last time! And speaking of support, we will be asking for volunteers this time to help with keeping track of racers on course. So, be thinking about becoming a volunteer! Of course, then their is the weather! Can't control that one! But......could it be any more epic than this year? Hmm........snow, rain, heat, and severe weather could rear their ugly heads! Oh well! The show must go on!

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