Thursday, June 23, 2005

Mail Call! and Sweaty Thursday to Ya'all!

A package for Jeff! (grrrooooaaan!) NOT again! I NEVER get ANYTHING! WAHH!!!!
Guitar Ted Productions

Jeff just missed getting this "package" as he left today for the Black Hills. Oh well! That just means we get to play, "Whats in the Package?" Post your guesses in the comment section!

Another sweltering day in North East Iowa. I noticed on my commute that things are getting a little on the too dry side. We could use a little rain. The weather also makes customers a little sparse, at least until they get used to it.

The shop was running fairly smoothly today. I got to help a lady buy her first bike in thirty years. Awesome! I like to help out these kind of people get back into cycling. It makes the job fun!

Purple hubset update: I found out today that the special limited edition hubset from Surly was almost out of stock. Apparently, I will be getting one of the last two remaining sets! Let's see, the word went out on Monday, and they are probably all gone by now- Thursday! I'm guessing- but I'd say they didn't make too many of those! Whew! Glad I got mine coming!

Okay, I've got tonight, and tomorrow until noon before the two and a half day run. Busy,busy, busy till Sunday night! Not much room for anything but work and church band! Ahhh! But then I get Monday off! Beautiful! Don't try to reach me, as I'll be riding my bike ALL DAY!

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a. lo said...

judging by the size of the package and the senders penmanship...

one small asian man.