Friday, June 24, 2005

Late Edition: Weather for Mr.24

Just checked out the latest forecast for Jeff's 12 hours of Thunder Race in the Rapid City S.D. vicinity. Looks like the race may live up to it's name! Forecast calls for late afternoon t-storms, with 25-30mph. winds. At least it won't be so hot there. Forecast high is in low 80's! Ha! We'll be sweltering again here tomorrow! Lucky dawg! At least I won't have to sear my lungs on scrabbly, loose, sketchy climbs in the Black Hills all day, with the wind whistling in my ears! Naw, I just get to hang out with Leans On Wood all day!

We got some MUCH needed rain this evening, and it cooled things off in a hurry too. That's good! Now, I just am hoping that Monday is going to be as nice as they say, so I can get out on my bike for another long day in the saddle. Speaking of saddles, I am about to give the verdict on my WTB Street Smart Ti saddle. Be on the look out for that review. Also coming up soon, a review of the Ergon Grips that I have been using. I'll give you a hint- I LOVE 'EM!! Jeff hit me up with some samples of the Elete electrolyte replacement product which I will give my initial thoughts on, and also on some other endurance related stuff. So, lots coming your way in the form of product reviews, very soon! Remember, I am not affiliated with any of the products that I write about in any way. I will not sugar coat, or leave out any flaws, downers, or concerns relating to any of the products I write about. I want to give everybody the straight scoop!

Okay, so that's it for a late Friday night. Hope ya'all are having yourselves a great weekend out there! Ride your bicycles! Spend less time in a car! Hug a loved one! Go Jeff! OUT!

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