Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Things are Heatin" Up!

This time of the year is a time I always look forward to, but it goes by way too fast!! I guess that might be because there is so much going on. I think my weekends are pre-planned out into July already. BAH!! I've got to learn to say no more often.

For one thing, the shop work has finally heated up. 'Bout time too! I need the cash-ola! However, with it comes all the freaky madness, wanker customers, and twitchy tempers in the mechanics area. So, if you plan to visit Jeff and I soon, be kind! Understand we are in the season of "hay making", and may not be as inviting as say in.......THE DEAD OF WINTER!! (Where are all you guys then?) Besides that, we are in constant sufferage of the man that L.O.W.- (ask Jeff or I, we'll make it infinitely clear as to what that means!)

Also have the distinct pleasure of handling the mechanic duties at this weekends R.A.S.H. Ride, in Independance. I was there for the first one, and this year it'll be the IIIrd incarnation of this, ummmm........errrrr, ride. Plenty o alky-hall will be cun-soomed durin' th' fef-ti-val. Thweeet!

Then I (and your faithful corrospondent, Jeff Kerkove) will be posting on different areas of the Crooked Cog Network. Take a look at my first post here, www.twentynineinches.com . Jeff will be helping out with enduro freak stuff on their Bike Blog. Good times! (Guess they'll publish any 'ol trash on this here inner-net! Wa-Hoo!) I tried telling these guys no, but they wouldn't listen! AHHHH! THE MADNESS!

so, yeah! What else? Regular family duties, Sturgis Falls Days coming up, mowing the green salad around the house, and tryin' to find time to re-con for Trans Iowa! Whew!Just to name a few things! Then I'm planning for something down the road. Something I haven't done in a while. I'll let ya'all stew on that for awhile!

Yesterday's site of photography was one of the two ponds located between Ainsborough and Fletcher, along Black Hawk Creek, in Hope Martin Park. Did-ja git it?

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