Thursday, June 09, 2005

Roadie to W'loo

Road Trippin' in the "Cube Van" with essential liquids, and cartridge bearing. Beautiful!
Guitar Ted Productions

Got to run an errand today. I love it when you get paid to cruise around, trolling for parts in the "company vehicle". In this case it is an old Dodge "cube" van. Formerly an ambulance, I'd think I'd rather die than get hauled to the emergency room in this ol' clunker! But anyway, it was a welcome distraction, so I went for it.

By the way, no seatbelt shoulder harness in this bad boy! Feels kinda weird not having it, like not wearing a cycling lid. Then again it was sort of liberating, in that 60's-70's sort of way. Kinda like......not wearing a cycling lid! (Not that I promote such immoral behaviour! tsk-tsk!) I always put a helmet on my.......head......yeah, ummm, rrriiiiggght!

Well! On to other things, shall we? Waiting on my new repair stand to show up. I'm a little worried that it won't get here tomorrow, so I can use it on the R.A.S.H Ride. I can't stand the thought of using that ol' Park stand I've got one more time! Jeff tells me that it takes three days for anything to get here from Colorado. I ordered this thing a week ago tomorrow. You do the math! I've got a bad feelin' about this!

Jeff was pretty happy today, at least. He finally got his team threads in. They look cool! I'm sure he'll post up a pic soon of his bad self! Check it out on his blog. (linky in right sidebar)

Okay, so I got busted on the "Man that L.O.W." thing today! 'Ol Leans on Wood caught on this am. and questioned me about it. Don't worry! I "manned up" and owned it, so it's cool! Gotta keep it light, or we'll all lose our sanity!

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