Thursday, June 02, 2005

But Seriously now.......

Live Aid, Band Aid, and now.....Bike Aid! Must be a benifit concert to provide bikes for Marlboro smoking, jobless, DWI people or something. Err.......then again, maybe not!
Guitar Ted Productions

What a world! Buy a bike, and get your servicing info on-line! What could anyone desire beyond this? Ahhhh! Let's see now!
1. How about bikes that actually work, ( and are safe- I know! I'm asking alot!) out of the showroom floor.
2. How about a bike that actually fits. As in a different frame size for small, medium, and large people. You don't sell jeans in a one size fits all program. ( Just think of the consequences of that!)
3. How about a bike that's decidedly pavement oriented? Not everyone should ride a mountain styled bike. (I hesitate to call them "mountainbikes". )
4. How about providing a "real" service department to repair, adjust, and fit these bikes. Not everyone knows or wants to know about these matters, and would rather trust a qualified service department to take care of their needs.

What? There is such a place! NO WAY! Tell me what it is. I really want to experience the way bicycling should be!

Yeah, it's your local bicycle dealer, dooode!

WOW! I'll be d@#$ed!

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