Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How To Predict The Weather With A Bike Purchase (And More)

As many of you loyal readers know, I committed to buying a Salsa Cycles Mukluk awhile ago. News is that the bikes are coming......soon to this area. (Already in Alaska) How soon will I get the call that mine is ready? Who knows? I'm okay with waiting though.

Whenever that day comes, it will be great to finally have a flotation bike in the stable. "Flotation bike"?, you say? Isn't this a "snow bike"?

No. It isn't, and here is why that is.

You know, when you forget your rain coat, what does it do? Yep! It rains. Superstition? I don't think so. This is a de facto "Law of Life". Tell me you don't break down when you forget your tool kit at home. You know its true! So, in the same vein, it will not snow much at all this winter where I live. Why? Because I am buying a "snow bike". So since it isn't going to snow, I am calling the Mukluk a "flotation bike".

Deal with it!

All I know is that come snow, or no snow, this bike should be a lot of fun.

Gravel Grinder News Updates: Over at Gravel Grinder News I am updating the site with a 2011 Events Calendar which is going to be getting updated throughout the rest of this year and next with any news of dates for events I get. So far a few new ones have been submitted and some old events are sending me their 2011 dates. (Thanks to all who have helped out so far!) If you have any dates to add, or new events to add, send me an e-mail here: g.ted.productions@gmail.com

The link to the events calendar will be right under the GGN header image and the current listing on the sidebar will get cleared out by the end of the year. The main reason for the new page is to allow a month by month listing of events, which wasn't possible to pull of with the front page of GGN. I'll continue to post "Race Discussions" for each upcoming month's events, but hopefully this new page will answer the requests I was getting for a "calendar" format for an events list.

Turkey Burn: Well, I guess we're doing the Turkey Burn again this coming Saturday at the South side of The Camp. Temperatures are forecast to be pretty chilly, so dress warm! The trails are in great shape, and word is that the weather is supposed to be dry, so they should be great to ride on. Just waaaay cold! We're talking around 20 degrees when things get going around 8-8:30 am.

Here's how you get there; Find yourself on HWY 218 and go to Janesville, IA. Turn east on County C-50 and go two miles east to a left on gravel at Hawthorne. Go north on Hawthorne 1 1/2 miles to the first left you can make. Take this about a quarter mile and the gate will be on your right side. See ya there!


Captain Bob said...

Chili with meat will be served after the ride. No need to bring anything, just a bike.

Doug said...

That Mukluk looks awesome. My friend just took delivery of a Pugsley 'floatation bike'; we get plenty of snow out here in Syracuse, NY, so it should see a lot of use. I rode it up and down a grassy hill and man, it's super fun. Enjoy!