Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Trans Iowa V7: Registration Update/Announcements

As with a previous post last week, I am going to throw in some images of post cards received from Rookies. I was seriously wondering if there would be anything worth posting, actually. Compared to the Vets and Finishers, (not to mention years past), you Rookies need to step up your game in terms of creativity!

Okay, this one seriously saved the entire Rookie class. Here is a bit of pre-Trans Iowa history that is super relevant to the event today. Circa 1980, some of the local racers had an idea to cross Iowa by road. Starting at 2am and finishing by 8pm, they intended to set a record for crossing the state by bicycle. Sound familiar? It is this event that helped inspire Trans Iowa. (By the way, my current boss at the shop is the guy on the right in the photo)

A fine bit of history unearthed here and it is much appreciated and appropriate.

Moving right along now....

Registration Update: The Rookie Registration is still open. As of Tuesday, there were still 10 available spots open to claim. If we go through Saturday without filling up the roster, it will remain at whatever number we reach by then. Registration will close Saturday regardless. No more entries will be accepted past Saturday.

I would be a bit surprised if we don't fill up, but the way it looks today, we may not. Either way it makes no difference to me.

Once the Roster is frozen, anybody needing to drop off will need to e-mail me as soon as possible so we can keep our costs under control. This includes cue sheets, race packets, and the "Pre-Race Meat-Up". don't know what that is?

Trans Iowa Pre-Race Meat-Up: Just yesterday I received the news that Trans Iowa V7's pre-race meeting will again be held at The Grinnell Steakhouse This is a "grill it yerself" joint where we had our meeting last year. The riders liked it, the Grinnell Steakhouse liked us, and we hit on a plan to have the meeting there again. The meeting is a requirement. You must attend. At the "Meat-Up", (don't worry if you don't eat meat, we'll have something for you too.), we'll get together, have a meal, hear from myself and d.p. on the event and what to expect, plus you will receive the all important cue sheet set, without which you can not take the start.

Lodging Announcement: We have secured a block of 30 rooms at The Comfort Inn And Suites of Grinnell. (Link to site with directions) This facility is located just off I-80 and is the same motel we used last year. What's more, if you mention that you are with Trans Iowa V7, and request the special rate, the room will only cost you $64.99, the same rate we had for last year. This motel is a short walk from the Grinnell Steakhouse, and works perfectly for our needs. There are only 30 rooms available at this rate, so make your plans now. More motels are also located along the highway here, so if the Comfort Inn fills up, there are other choices near by.

Remember- the dates for the Pre-Race Meat-Up and Trans Iowa are April 22, 23, and 24. Book rooms accordingly.

We still have some details to work through regarding the finish line, checkpoints, mileages, and time cut offs. These finer details will be coming soon. We have some surprises in store, and we'll be releasing information as we can throughout the winter months regarding those things.

<===Gnomes were a big part of T.I.V1. They may make a return appearance....

In the meantime, figure on the first checkpoint at about 55 miles, and the last checkpoint at approximately 170miles. Figure on time cut offs being set at approximately 10 miles covered on course per hour. So, for instance, you'd have about till 9:30am to get to Checkpoint #1 using this formula. Race start is at 4am. These are approximates and subject to change, but we are expecting this to be a close estimate. More details will be released as we go through the winter.

Welcome to Trans Iowa V7!

Update: Seems that the decision to post detailed annoncements for Trans Iowa V7 has hit a nerve with some "anonymous" person who sent me this from "" (Gotta love the ownership of this comment!) So, take this for what it is worth. Comedy? Serious? I don't put any stock in anonymous comments myself. But since this clown dared's the comment in its entirety.

Please, I don't come to your blog site to read about TIV7 every single day.  The separate TI blog exists for a reason.  I'm thisclose to deleting my bookmark to your site (I know, don't let the door hit me on the way out).  Hello, McFly?  The race isn't until next frickin' April.  And it's not like this is a big, professional event like Leadville or the TdF with real competitors and real prizes.  It's a small-time, amateur event put on by some rustic, podunk Iowegians (bet you remember that phrase from your old blog post).  I dare you to post this rant to your blog!  I double dog dare you!  But only if you have a well reasoned and insightful justification/rebuttal.  Sorry for venting, but I feel compelled to set things right when I see something awry.



Ari said...

Let the gnomes loose on him!


mw said...


i frequent a few sites, almost every day, not always tho. this is certainly one of them, and you can probably tell.

i come hear because i like to read the words.

delete the bookmark..that would make me shutter.

Mark B said...

First off I believe its G-Teds site. He can post what ever he feels necessary. Second, real competitors? Well then Mr Anonymous there is still time, man up and sign up or shut up!

Emily said...

i agree, i don't get why its not all on ti.blogspot. ...not that it really matters. xoxo, e.

jkeiffer said...

Hate to say it, but I kinda agree. But maybe I just check it once a week instead of daily.

It IS GT's private blog and we can/should post whatever he wants. I would have said anything like annony did, but I'll admit I'm not interested in TI.

(You can not approve this if you want)


Emily said...

I may not be a "real competitor" but I'll be damned if I let someone call me an Iowegian. I hail from Rustic Podunk Wisconsin and proud of it!

Eric A. said...

I like the TI updates.
Someday I am going to do that damn race.
It's GTs blog. Keep the info coming.

d.p. said...

Every so often, like a@a, I prefer fad over fashion and sustenance over substance, and less filling to tastes great

Unknown said...

Holy Smokes.... have not seen that photo in years!!... that was a long day.. massive head winds for about 125 miles... took 21 1/2 hours... 321 miles ... memory lane.. Russ C

Matt Maxwell said...

Trans Iowa may not be a big deal in terms of money or publicity, but I guarantee that it's the just about the biggest thing on 100 people's minds right now.

Sean said...

All I have to say is thanks for the updates and info about TI and posting a picture of my postcard. Maybe some people just need a little perspective. See you in April.

MG said...

i triple dog dare that guy to toe the line next april.

i bet you $20 he won't show.

i'll be there. i'm pretty sure he won't be.

why? because mr. anonymous doesn't even have enough sack to post under a name...

delete the bookmark from what site? he's anonymous!


MG said...

did you see what that gnome is holdin'?!! holy smokes!